Sleeping Queen Regina, Patreon April Sets & Etsy

I have a lot of surprises coming everyone’s way this month so get ready!

We got some magical Tingle for my Patreon high quality set this month and Asuka enjoying some bondage fun for my selfie set. But wait!! There in more!!! Everyone can access some Lucy hot tub time machine goodness on etsy! All of my Patrons will be sent a discount coupon if they so desire this set as well.  Join me on Patreon to get it while you can and enjoy my updates as we go.


Etsy Store Open!

So now instead of our old method of emailing, you all can easily purchase Donation sets through Etsy and get an immediate download link sent straight to you!

We hope this makes it easier, and quicker for you all!

The next coming weeks we will continue to update the listings, so keep an eye out for any you may want!~


For now listings will mostly consist of what is listed here on the site, there will be occasional new sets, but most new sets will be Patreon Exclusive still.

New Multi content more than likely will mostly be sold as Donation sets through Etsy though!

Hey Everyone!

Hey it’s Usa, sorry I haven’t really kept this up here too much. I’ll try to be a little better.
I have been pouring all my time into running my Patreon (if you didn’t know is located here)

I should be creating a page for reference of all past Patreon sets for those on my Vaulted Tiers and will try to update the site with all the newer of the Donation sets that I have gotten behind on updating here.

Sorry guys, I haven’t forgotten about this place. Just have had my priorities in the other lately.


Thanks to those who stick around, your support is appreciated ❤

Dva Dew Dip *New Set*


A little surprise for you all this month. It’s game on with this set full of 99 crunchy Doritos ready to be devoured. It will come at the cost of 25 mouth watering sips of Mtn Dew. Feel free to message or email me at


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