Searching for a Full Moon

I was sifting through old sets and found this never seen wonder. One of my very first sets, but I wasn’t able to edit and salvage many due to a wig malfunction. I think I might have shared it on MFC, but it was so small I never knew what to do with it.

You get brownie points if you know what anime this character is from. ❤

Sleeping Queen Regina, Patreon April Sets & Etsy

I have a lot of surprises coming everyone’s way this month so get ready!

We got some magical Tingle for my Patreon high quality set this month and Asuka enjoying some bondage fun for my selfie set. But wait!! There in more!!! Everyone can access some Lucy hot tub time machine goodness on etsy! All of my Patrons will be sent a discount coupon if they so desire this set as well.  Join me on Patreon to get it while you can and enjoy my updates as we go.