Late Thanks for the Rukia Cosplay!


I received this Rukia shinigami version robes off my wishlist a little while back. I’m embarrassingly just now getting to write a thank you post about it ❤
(There are a few more coming, but they will probably sadly have to wait till after May, fair warning to anyone who is still waiting, I greatly apologize and hope you all can understand.)

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Thanks: Chun Li and Rocket~


Thanks to those who bought off the wishlist for Regina and my Holiday Duo Selfie set ❤

Here are some sneak peeks of two of the costumes that were bought off the wishlist ❤ I super can’t wait to wear the full Chun Li, it’s such a fun outfit that I’ve always wanted to wear ❤ and Rocket I have cosplayed before but it was an early cosplay of mine so going to take the pieces I like from the new and update it 😀 she’s always a character I’ve loved cosplaying….she’s just been in need of an update.

Thanks so much to the buyers ❤

Here are some more images of me playing around in them ❤
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