Late Thanks for the Rukia Cosplay!


I received this Rukia shinigami version robes off my wishlist a little while back. I’m embarrassingly just now getting to write a thank you post about it ❤
(There are a few more coming, but they will probably sadly have to wait till after May, fair warning to anyone who is still waiting, I greatly apologize and hope you all can understand.)

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Presenting The Galactic Fairy Sheryl Nome! *free set*

Usatame got her hands on an old shoot I did just for fun, now everyone gets to enjoy it. The set is free to download, you only pay if you absolutely feel the need. There is a donate button right above the download.

50 images exactly. Less full nude then I have done, but don’t be sad you still get plenty of tease, and lots of Regina booty. -.^ (I’ll cut whoever complains about a free set anyways.)

Be sure to give Usatame big hugs for getting this set up, and Iconiq Cosplay Photography for taking the picture so many moons ago. Enjoy!


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