Late Thanks for the Rukia Cosplay!


I received this Rukia shinigami version robes off my wishlist a little while back. I’m embarrassingly just now getting to write a thank you post about it ❤
(There are a few more coming, but they will probably sadly have to wait till after May, fair warning to anyone who is still waiting, I greatly apologize and hope you all can understand.)

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The Semester is Almost Over….ALMOST!

I’ve got two weeks left of this semester and they are going to be intense, so sorry to all if I am fairly slow at answering comments/messages. (And sorry to all that I have been slow to answer for this whole semester as it’s been a busy one >__<;; )

After this semester ends though I am planning shoots to start right away this summer (hoping I can achieve to get a lot done this summer as I have a feeling once school starts back it’ll be back to crazy again….it’s worth it but hard to get anything cosplay wise done.)

Here are some Galaxy Fuku selfies for fun for now since I haven’t been able to do much costume related this month D:


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