Garden Meet Up (lots of photos wooo!~)

Last weekend I got to go meet up in Birmingham, AL and hang out with a bunch of friends and fellow cosplayers!
I had a blast as Fem Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2 and would love to go to the gardens again just for a group Ranma shoot one day!

Here are some photos that I took and some of me as well!~


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A lot of new cosplay happening.

Very productive week for cosplay. My Akane Tendo cosplay came in, as well as my HOTD uniform for Rei. I also did a little thrift shopping and found a few pieces for an Amu costume, then ended up falling for some fabric for Morgiana’s dress. They all need a little work before they will be ready to do a real shoot, but I’m very pleased with all of them so far.

You can also look forward to a Ranma and Akane shoot with Usatame once the costumes are ready.