Thank you for the Elsa Wig!

Thanks so much Randolph for the Elsa Wig!
It’s got me all hyped to finally finish this cosplay now!

Just those details are gonna be a lot of work, but it’ll be totally worth it!
And sorry no make up in these photos for now XD;; I’ll do a make up test at some point though!

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Thanks for the Shimakaze Cosplay!

Well apparently the photo above broke FB and was taken down 😦 so here it is again!

And as promised continue reading for more photos of the cosplay.
Thanks to Alex for getting me this off my wishlist for Xmas!

Please excuse any inaccuracies as I was just grabbing the wig and thigh highs to kinda look right, once I do a real photoshoot I’ll have the more accurate pieces.

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Hinata Costest

Thanks for the amazing people who bought the Wig and cosplay back during my bday, and then to the awesome person who got me all the ninja accessories! ❤
Other than the ninja shoes and the fishnet shirt I am ready to shoot Hinata!
So here is a nice costest of the cosplay all together!
What do you all think?!

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