Cat Planet Cuties

Love Cat Planet cuties? Well you’re in luck!

This new mini ArisxKuune duo donation set is now out.

Me and Foxy Cosplay had fun dressing up as cute catgirls in suzumikus for this shoot. I especially had fun annoying the captain with my overabundance of enthusiasm. 😛

This NSFW 65 pic set has full nudity, stripping and clothed pictures all for just $15!! ( A lot more affordable then previous sets) It features us in and out of the bath tub with lots of fanservice and bubbles. You won’t want to miss out on this awesome deal. :3 To get your own copy just simply email me at for details.

Photos by: Kramer Studios  ❤

Maid Rei

Rei is at your beck and call in this set ❤
This image set contains 71 images of me in, stripping, and out of the cosplay❤

and it can be all yours for just $30!❤ just send me a message to for the info and I’ll help you get your copy Master~ ❤❤❤

Photos by the wonderful  Kramer Studios

Must be 18+