Dragon Con 2015

Who would have thought dancing on stage would have been so fun? Maybe everything is more fun with a little fireball in you.   Definitely had a good time at dragon con and the cosplay deviant’s party this year, I hope we make it out for it again next year. Maybe we will go for the full weekend next time. It was great meeting some of you, and If you got any shots of me or Usatame at the party or at the table be sure to send them our way. We would love to see them.

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10291297_841377405931675_8708540534945890465_n (1)12043040_841377282598354_1482680381792380519_n12049605_841374909265258_4917944273962441877_n 12046945_841375139265235_6337240830608631061_n   12039684_841374599265289_2295925030525962059_n (1) 12032971_841375325931883_6054497637528692284_n 12019909_841375505931865_5087004243760115838_n - Copy 11998912_979745168748856_6045212829844365736_n 11891095_841374769265272_6519520326531118473_n 11215822_841375199265229_2668927719796840654_n

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