Limited Overwatch VKS Duo SALE

For just three weeks (8/05-8/26th) This limited time Overwatch and Tracer duo is up for grabs!
It is 50 photos of Foxy Cosplay and I in and (mostly out) of our Virgin Killer Sweaters! 
The special deal is- if you buy any of our duo sets, you get the Overwatch set free with that purchase!
( Basically two sets for the price of one!!)

Already have all our duo sets???

But still want to get your hands on this limited time set?

You can also get your hands on the set by donating a minimal of $20 to us. 🙂

Once the time is up, it will not be sold again!
Thanks everyone for all the support. :3
As always email me at for any questions and to purchase this sale.   

Current Duo Sets:


FLCl ($20)

Klk Cat Bikinis vid+set ($35)

Cat Maids ($50)

Cherry Blossom Girls ($30)

RanmaxShampoo selfie ($25)

Akame Ga Kill ($30)

Lightning and Serah ($35)

Yurikuma Aprons ($35)

Cat Planet Cuties ($20)

Rei and Asuka Sweaters ($40)

Eli x Nozomi Bikinis ($35)

( We’ve also lowered the prices of a couple of these duos for a limited time, for this sale!)
Thanks for being awesome and so supportive every one.~

~Post by Bunny

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