Cherry Blossom Girls

Spring has sprung!!
You won’t want to miss this new duo donation set “Cherry Blossom Girls” to show off this beautiful season.
This 100 pic artistic nude set feature’s Foxy Cosplay and I in sakura themed school uniforms, with cute pastel flowers, white thigh highs and glasses. ❤
We also have cute pastel shimapan and shimbra’s underneath to match each of our outfits!! ;D
How do you get your own copy? All you have to do is donate $35.00 or more for this set and its yours! Make sure to message Foxy or I if you wish to purchase a copy! :3
Every donation goes towards both of our future cosplays, projects and modeling trips, so we really appreciate each and every one of you. ❤
Thank you so much for the amazing support!
Thanks so much to the wonder Kramer Studios for shooting this for us ❤

Must be 18+ to purchase.

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