Thanks for the Bikini~

Ryuko jacuzzi fun


Thanks to the gifter of the bikini I will be using for Ryuko ❤

*Warning this is a image heavy post ;D*
I had a little fun with these thank you selfies, not to mention I was getting to relax so much on my vacation =w= so I took a little more than normal XD;;;;

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Happy New Years – Look back on 2014

I had been tagged in a few cosplays of the year posts so I finally got on making a collage…..and there were way more cosplays then I expected I did…..well then…. XD;;

/begin sappy post
But overall 2014 has been an amazing year to me as far as cosplay…I’ve had a rough year outside of the cosplay stuff, but I think everyone being so supportive here has really made the good outshine the bad and helped me pushed through.
I have accomplished so much this year. Had my first 3 sets with CosDev, was sent to LA, made such wonderful friends, pushed myself on two cosplays and proved to myself I can do better than I thought if I try hard. I’m hoping I continue to grow in the future.

Thanks for everyone for being here for me I can’t wait to see what the next year brings .
/end sappy post

I can’t believe 24 cosplays @__@ and I have a bunch more that were almost finished, but those will be counted for next year haha.


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