Shoots, shoots, and more shoots!

Last week was insanely busy, but most definitely worth it!
I can’t wait till I can release all the content!
There were a couple shoots for CosDev and some personal donation sets, along with some photos just for the heck of it!

So for just a taste of what the week consisted of and what there is to look forward to here are some photos, bts, and even some gifs!

Me and Foxy Cosplay Shot a lot of KLK~

(both RyukoXMako and RyukoXSatsuki for Cosplay Deviants)

Photo by Iconiq Cosplay Photography

Here are some fun gifs~

(shoots may be tiring, but we definitely have fun!….and there are plenty of derps to be had.)

I also shot some Ep.1 Ryuko for funsies~
This was my first time wearing it all together, I can’t wait to wear it more ❤

Photo by Bentpic5

Also with Foxy we shot a fun AsukaxRei Keyhole Sweater donation set ❤

Photo by Iconiq Cosplay Photography

I also shot with Queen as Asuka and Rei Suzumiku (school swimsuits) as an upcoming donation set.

Photo by Bentpic5

Photo by Bentpic5

Puppy!!! ❤ Photo by Bentpic5

I also took some photos for funsies of Queen 😀

It was a good end to my Winter break ❤
And for now that’ll end the post!
There will be plenty of more content on the way so be on the lookout!

Post by Bunny

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