Shoots, shoots, and more shoots!

Last week was insanely busy, but most definitely worth it!
I can’t wait till I can release all the content!
There were a couple shoots for CosDev and some personal donation sets, along with some photos just for the heck of it!

So for just a taste of what the week consisted of and what there is to look forward to here are some photos, bts, and even some gifs!

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Thanks to Johnathan for getting me this Musubi cosplay!

I ended up having a meh day at school today, so coming home to this really made me feel better. I just now need to get myself a wig, and the gloves were the only thing that were a little odd, so I will need to fix them up a bit but other than that Musubi will be able to be worn out. I can’t wait to cosplay her 😀

Thanks again Jonathan!

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