Hey Everyone!

Hey it’s Usa, sorry I haven’t really kept this up here too much. I’ll try to be a little better.
I have been pouring all my time into running my Patreon (if you didn’t know is located here)

I should be creating a page for reference of all past Patreon sets for those on my Vaulted Tiers and will try to update the site with all the newer of the Donation sets that I have gotten behind on updating here.

Sorry guys, I haven’t forgotten about this place. Just have had my priorities in the other lately.


Thanks to those who stick around, your support is appreciated ❤

One thought on “Hey Everyone!

  1. That’s okay we understand. We know that you’ve been working hard with school and cosplaying and other stuff. But you’re doing an amazing job usatame. Hope someday I get the chance to meet and say this stuff to you in person. Anyway keep up the good work usatame we all love ya.


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