Vaulted Patreon Sets

This is a guide to help those interested in past sets that are pledged to my 80 Vaulted Set Tier on Patreon (atm the only way to get these sets)

February 2018-

Hestia HQ


Zero Two HQ

March 2018-

Sagiri HQ


Rei Yukata Selfies

April 2018 –

Tae Takemi HQ


Faye Selfies

May 2018 –

Ranma HQ

PJ Mei Selfies

June 2018 –

Farmer Judy Hopps HQ

Haruko Selfies

July 2018 –

All Might HQ

Overwatch Duo Selfies with Regina

**this Overwatch duo will go on sale outside of patreon in the near future**

August 2018 –

Hinata HQ

September 2018 –

Rukia HQ

Namine Selfies

October 2018 –

Jiangshi Mei HQ


Velma Selfies

November 2018 –

Bowsette HQ

Street Fighter Duo Selfies with Amy Fantasy

December 2018 –

Hululu HQ

Alter Saber Mini HQ

A2 Selfies

January 2019 –


Kairi HQ

February 2019 –

Hinata Ramen Valentine HQ

Raven 1st Anniversary HQ

Rias Cream Hadaka Selfies

March 2019 –

Chompette HQ

Futaba Selfies


April 2019 –

Spring Lucina HQ


Naoto Selfies


May 2019 –

Rosalina Galaxy Bath HQ

Toriel Mini HQ

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